My Holiday Essentials!

Guys! It’s almost November 1st… which means its basically the holidays! Yay! Can you guys tell my excitement I have!? I’m excited because we have a much more relaxed holiday schedule than we usually do. It is so nice to be able to just bake cookies, watch Hallmark movies, and celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with… Read More My Holiday Essentials!



Happy Thursday! I love Thursdays… It may be because I work from my home office on Fridays so Thursday is a bit like my Friday! I’m sorry this post took longer than expected, I was excited to see some of you messaging me asking me when I was posting it! Here is the back story,… Read More Weddings…


NYC Day Three

  This was such a great trip and our last day did not disappoint. I have been to NYC numerous times, but the one thing I had never done was walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. The views in NYC from that bridge is something I have never been able to stop and just admire! Now…… Read More NYC Day Three


NYC Day Two

Day two of my NYC trip is here!! I have to tell you, this was probably my favorite day! We stayed at the beautiful London hotel in a two bedroom suite, we had such a nice living room to hang out in and a great view of the city! Today, was our big walking day!… Read More NYC Day Two