Easter Baskets for Littles!

Can you believe it is already April!? I can’t believe it!

Caroline has her Easter dress already and I hope that it will still fit her for a few more weeks… I’m waiting for the Rachel Parcell collection to drop this Wednesday (Tuesday, if you are a Nordy Club member which you should be!) So, I’m hoping those fit me too! HAHA

It has been SO fun to do these holidays with these three little girls! I’m pretty sure at least one of them will be annoyed with us matching them… ALL THE TIME. But, I don’t even care! We love it! These matching Bunny Onesies are super cute, on Amazon Prime, and surprisingly good quality! I linked them below, they also make them in grey for your little boy bunny!

I have been doing Easter baskets for my little nephews and niece for years! I wanted to share with you what items we love and the kids loved even more!

All my sisters and I actually use this for our girls “baby blanket.” They are super soft and cute for public! Also, super easy to wash!

Caroline LOVES this toy, we put it on her chair and it entertains her for a very long time! LOL
Caroline has the lamb one, but this one is super cute! Recommended for 2 months and up!

This is going to be perfect for our 2 1/2 year old nephew!!

My niece is SO into Barbies! This is going to be a perfect addition to her Barbie dream house!

These come in size 3 Baby-Big Kid 4!
And, HEY MAMA… they have a MATCHING PAIR
for us too!
How cute are these little bath toys!? Caroline loves these squirty toys! They have a BOY VERSION
This is so so cute!! Caroline is full on teething so anything that she can chew on, I want!
They also have this in pineapples!

This bunny plays Peek-A-Boo! This is SO cute, 100% ordering it for Caroline!!

I’m going to do a “grown up” version of an Easter Basket next week! Because, lets be real… My mom still buys Phillip & I an easter basket! LOL