POPs of Color!

Bright colors are back and I’m here for it! I tagged along with Phillip at his conference this weekend and went to Vegas! It was so fun to have a little getaway with him and I! I decided to stay comfortable the whole time. These blazers make any outfit fun and add an extra pop!… Read More POPs of Color!


Our First Mother’s Day!

I can’t believe I’m celebrating my first mothers day with a daughter! A sweet, beautiful, intelligent daughter! We actually announced our pregnancy one year ago today (not on mothers day.) We were so beyond blessed this year! We took this photos with Phillips entire family but I just loved these so much that I thought… Read More Our First Mother’s Day!


Our Breastfeeding Journey

Happy Friday! It has been one rough week in the Cothran household! Caroline and I both got sick. I thought she was doing better until today and now she seems worse! So, we have been resting and taking advantage of the extra snuggles. Anyways… what we are here for. BREASTFEEDING. I had a spinal fusion… Read More Our Breastfeeding Journey


The Perfect LBD!

Hurry! Just skip all the words in this post and click on the link and purchase this dress! It is amazing quality and double lined so it really holds everything in place! I’m wearing a size Medium, the fabric is a bit stretchy! The sandals that the model is wearing are SO SO cute with… Read More The Perfect LBD!


Casual Summer Look

It is getting warm in SoCal! I’m kind of loving it, but also trying to figure out how to dress a baby when it is so warm out! I have been so concerned about her being warm this whole time and now I need her to stay cool! LOL I had a mini victory and… Read More Casual Summer Look