“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him.”

-Romans 15:13

—- Back story, my Mom had a few miscarriages, more than a few actually and one was actually my twin. I was definitely a miracle child for my parents and always worried I would have the same problem. Last year when I found out about my fibroids I was also told that getting pregnant would be difficult for me. I’m not going to sugar coat it, it was hard news for me to hear. I cried, a lot. After a few days Phillip and I sat down and spoke about it and Phillip was so gracious. I loved him before but I loved him a million times more in that moment. Phillip and I both agreed that if it wasn’t in God’s plan for us to have kids then we will adopt!—-

The night we found out about this little baby, I cried, Phillip cried, my parents cried. We all cried because we all always thought in the back of our heads that this moment would never happen. That night I didn’t sleep much, I prayed almost all night. I was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep this child. It was the most clear I had ever heard God before, He told me ” You’re having a daughter and she is going to do amazing things.” I was in shock, I wasn’t even praying about the gender, it was actually the last thing on my mind! I just all of a sudden wanted this child more than I wanted anything before and had no idea how my body would react. Since then, everyday while praying I would hear Him again, “She is healthy, she is fine, do not worry.”

My first doctors appointment, I was again worried. Are they going to find a baby? A heart beat? Is everything going to be ok? And again, I would hear this strong voice, “she is fine, she is healthy.” Six weeks later at our next appointment I wasn’t even worried, just so excited to hear the heart beat again! The nurse, who I LOVE prepped me that if the baby wasn’t in the right possession that the heart beat would be hard to find and they will have to do an ultrasound, but not to worry! Well, the second she put the doppler on my tummy there it was- strong and healthy! It was just another reminder that He is right, she will be strong and healthy! That day I also did my blood test for our NIPT test, this also told the gender!


¬†One week later we had a bbq with just our close family and had one of my parents great employees take the results to Party City where they would put the balloons in a box and we would be surprised by them! There was no doubt in my mind that we were having a girl, but I just needed it to be out there so I could finally start planning! The funny part to me was how many people told me multiple times how this baby was a boy! Even after I told them this story! I tried to smile and laugh at them, but once the day got there I was just ready for those pink balloons to come out so I no longer had to listen to them tell me my child was a boy! It was such a great day and Phillip and I are overjoyed for a little girl! I can’t put into words yet how it feels to know I have a daughter, but once I get those words I will definitely do another post all about it!

(Can you tell how excited I’am, I was so anxious at this moment!)

(I’m pretty sure Phillip is applauding for me in this moment LOL)



Thanks to my cousin, Anjali for the most amazing photos! You can PM her on insta for any inquires for her service, @anjaliphoto