Pink Vests and Pink Boots with my girl!

PINK PINK PINK, PINK everything!! We are currently waiting on the arrival on my newest nephew or niece! After both my sister and law and I have had girls we just need one more to make it “The year of the GIRL” for the Cothran family!!

We are taking an Alaskan cruise in late June/early July! So, my mom and I have already started to think up outfits because we know we won’t be able to find much in June for any cold weather!

This is one of the outfits I have locked and ready to go! Caroline’s vest is from Gymboree, but I couldn’t link it! I got it on their after Christmas sale, but I still think they have it in stock! It is very cute and super soft! I can’t wait to see her in it!

I will be sharing some outfits as I get them in and they are still in stock! I have never been to Alaska so if anyone has ant tips, I would love to hear them! You can comment on my last insta picture!