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The BEST Pregnancy Bump Pillow!

Not even being dramatic!

Ok, guys… I tried them all! Really, this was my fourth one!! Granted, everyone is different! Between my two other pregnant sister in laws and myself we all use a different pillow!

I move at night, a lot. Especially since only being able to sleep on my side, my shoulder and hip starts to hurt if I just lay on one side for too long and my back just kills me. This was causing problems for me when I was using a normal pregnancy pillow, you know the ones that look like a L or a deformed U. HAHAH

Phillip actually found this one for me and I was super skeptical! It literally sat in the babies room, in the box for a couple of weeks before I finally tried it. But, oh my gosh- the first night wearing this was the first full nights sleep I had had in months! Lately, I have been getting up very early because I have so much on my mind, but I’m still able to sleep most of the night. I really credit a lot of this to my pillow! It is super easy to put on and doesn’t move all night long. This way, I’m not waking up every time I have to rotate sides to adjust my pillow!

Don’t mind these photos, our room is still a work in progress and some day it will be done and I will be able to share with you some ideas! But, for now its been all about getting the nursery ready and our home for baby girl!

There are velcro straps on the back so that you can just stick them together. The middle part is super soft and stretchy so it stretches with your belly, which is super nice because I feel like my belly is growing everyday! I have included the link here:


I hope this can help one of my pregnant friends get a good nights sleep!