A Gift Givers Guide for Her

UGG Slippers– I love these! For under $100 these make a great gift for SO many women in your life.
Champagne Pajamas– The best gifts for me are the ones you wouldn’t normally buy yourself. These are my favorite pajamas and I love these for all year long!

iconPERFUME– I got this in a sample when I bought some beauty products and I have literally been obsessed with it! This item is actually on my Christmas list because I haven’t bought it for myself it, saving my sample for as long as I can!

Curling Iron– My favorite curling iron!! I have gotten all of my family and most of my friends to use this curling iron and they LOVE it! It is such a great investment and you can always get extra attachments for gifts in the future!
Rockstud Clutch– This is a splurge item, but SO good! They also have it inĀ BLACK! I thought the red was so fun and perfect the holiday season.
iconUgg Robe– Everyone girl needs a nice robe! I love this one and I have been living in it since Caroline was born! It comes in a bunch of different colors.

iconLotion– This is one of the best gifts I give to people every year! After I give this gift to someone they tell me how when they finished theirs, they went out and bought one right away!
Burberry Scarf– I really love the fringe on this scarf. It is a timeless gift with a little flare! What I love most about these pieces is that companies usually just keep them until they go out of stock, so then you have an item that not everyone has!

iconBony Levy Necklace– This would be the perfect gift to give to your wife, mom, or daughter! It is a piece of fine jewelry and something they will have forever! I will link a similar, less expensive option as well!

iconSimilar Necklace– This one is pretty similar and is still super beautiful! It just depends on how much you want to wear the item and how much you want to spend!

I will be posting Gift Guides ALL week in honor of it being December! I’m so excited to be able to share this Christmas season with our little girl! Have a great weekend!