Gift Givers Guide for Your Man!

1. Sweater– Phillip loves this sweater. He has it in a bunch of colors and wears it SO much during winter because you can layer it and wear it under a suit!

icon2. Ugg Slippers– I told you Ugg Slippers are on A LOT of my gift guides, so what I’m really saying is that Uggs are a great gift for anyone and I love them! ha

icon3. Comic Socks– We got these in the Star Wars version for Phillip last year and he loves them! They don’t shrink in the dryer and they are super warm!

icon4. Watch I love the color of this watch, it will go with so much and its a great price for a nice watch!

icon5. Sneakers– These are extremely comfortable, according to Phillip! They are pricey but to him he says they are worth it!

icon6. Belt– Great belt for under $50! Phillip gets this belt once a year since he wears them every year.

icon7. Hair Gel– This is like our nice spa products, but for men! One of my best friends gave Phillip some of this for his hair after his appointment a while ago! I finally bought it for him and he loves it!

icon8. Tie– Classic, with some flare! I just love the different colors but still have a classic look!

icon9. Pants– Another one of Phillips favorites! He has them in a couple of colors and finds them very comfortable and something he can wear for casual days at the office!

icon10. Cologne– I love this cologne! It smells so good and lasts all day! It isn’t too strong, which I love!

11. Headphones– These headphones are one of the best and under $300! You can click the link OR call Sunny at 626.975.1353 to place your order!

Happy Monday! Its little Caroline’s week old birthday and we are going to have fun, even if we only got a few hours of sleep!