A Gift Givers Guide for Your Mom!

1. Pajamas– I think PJ’s are one of those gifts that keeps on giving throughout the year! Every mom needs a good pair of pajamas!

icon2. Slippers– I’m trying to switch it up with my normal Ugg Slippers! HA But, these are SUPER comfortable and I love the fur!!

icon3. Swell Water Bottle– I literally LOVE my swell bottle! Especially being a new mom and breastfeeding, I feel like I’m always thirsty! My mom also loves her, it keeps her water ice cold and its great for the gym!

icon4. Coffee Mug– I actually don’t drink coffee, but I do drink tea or hot chocolate! LOL

icon5. Brightening Powder – Every mom needs a good under eye! I love this brightening powder, I have been using it for years and even more now! My mom AND my grandma both use this product and love it!

icon6. Jeans– These are my moms favorite jeans! They are slightly, SLIGHTLY high waisted so they make your waist look skinny and your legs look long!

icon7. Tote Bag– I have this handbag in grey and use it year around! I have had it for over on year and I still love it! its a great “mom bag” without you loosing style!

icon8. Body Wash– This is our favorite brand for lotion and bath products!

icon9. Personalized Necklace– I got this necklace for one of my best friends with her late grandmothers signature on it! She wears it all the time and it still looks beautiful! I think this would be a great idea for a toddler to give to their mom or grandma! If Caroline was bigger, I would have her write Nani (Grandma in Indian,) and have them make that signature into the necklace!

10. Picture Frame– I love picture frames! I find it so meaningful when people take the time to print out a picture and put it into a picture frame!



Hope you are loving my Gift Guides! I had a blast picking out my favorite items! More on TMG, tomorrow!