A Rainy Day in SoCal!

When we get rainy days in Southern California, it is always a good day! I love rain coats and umbrellas and rain boots! They are my absolute favorite!!

I bought this jacket last year and wore it all the time! The arms aren’t stiff, its easy to move in and actually keeps me pretty warm! Today, I paired mine with a chenille sweater and my Hunter boots! P.S. Did you read my previous post on Hunter boots? Did you notice that my glossy ones are guess what… DIRTY! I only had a few moments to have Phillip to take my photo today, so didn’t have time to clean them! Shocker! LOL

Right now, my jacket is on sale and let me tell you… for under $25 I would be buying them in multiple colors! I might even buy a navy one for our Alaska Cruise this summer.