All About Rain Boots!




Rain Boots may be my favorite item of “clothing” during this time of year! It could very well be because I live in SoCal and we don’t get too much rain! But, starting on Saturday we are supposed to have FIVE days straight of rain! I’m seriously SO excited!

I believe in investing in a great pair of boots and wearing them season after season. So, pick a classic color. My first pair (were actually kids,) was navy blue! Hunter used to sell Kid Size 6 which was a woman size 8, I don’t believe they do anymore, now they only go up to size 5 which is super sad!

Anyways, navy was my first pair when I was a sophomore in high school! For Christmas, my cousin and I bought eachother a pair! I still use these boots after almost 10 years! After blue, I got black, and then last year I got red!

I prefer the matte ones, instead of the glossy ones. I think the glossy ones get dirtier faster and the matte ones just look clean! I’m sure there are ways you can clean your glossy ones, but truthfully I forget and then the one day a month it rains and my boots are dirty and I’m trying to get to work!

I also know that not everyone wants to spend $125 on a pair of rain boots so I’m linking almost an identical pair as well! I actually think I may order a pair just to be able to compare the difference for you guys!

Click the link below to shop boots under $40!

We are about to go to my brother in law and sister in laws house for some enchiladas and to see my newest niece!

Happy Wednesday! XOX