Don’t mind me… just crying in the corner! I can’t believe my baby girl is NINE months old! It literally brings me SO much joy and breaks my heart at the same time!

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Caroline slept through the night from 7 weeks-17 weeks and then BAM no more sleeping through the night! She would wake up twice a night, usually around 11:30-12:30 and then again between 3-4 a.m and then she would wake up by 6:30 am everyday! I know this is really not that bad. But, when you are used to sleeping, this is like getting no sleep.

For the most part, she would take her naps really well. Her morning nap would be 10-12 and her afternoon nap from 2-5. She slept through for most of them and I would even have to wake her up! Last week, I decided to shorten her naps and just see what it would do. I was really tired of getting up in the night because I have such a hard time going back to sleep. I changed her naps in the morning from 9:45-10:45 and her afternoon naps from 2:45-4:45. I reduced her sleep time by three hours a day!

Guess what? She started sleeping ALL night long until about 7:15 am everyday! Once 7:15 PM hits, we go take a bath and she splashes around, THESE are her favorite toys! I make sure there is no water in them before giving them to her because she likes to chew on them! After bath she drinks a 7 oz bottle and then its bed time!


If I’m being honest, this has been a hard one! I introduced Caroline food at five months old. She loved it! It was definitely one of her favorite activities! HA! Being a first time Mom, I was worried she would choke on EVERYTHING so I didn’t get give her food she needed to chew, even after she got TWO teeth when she was around 7 months old.

This child LOVES weird food! Like beets, chickpeas, pumpkin, raita (an indian yogurt!) Hates bananas and blueberries! If I give her weird food she loves it but anything with more of a texture and she won’t eat it! Has anyone had a problem with this? I made her scrambled eggs and she just threw them on the floor. I make her oatmeal and if its not liquid than she won’t even acknowledge it!

I have found that Happy Baby Organics food, that I buy from Target are her favorite. I love that the pouches are clear so there is never really any doubt if their is mold in them at all! Her favorite “flavor” has to be Pumpkin, Passionfruit, and Chickpeas… I know, she is weird! But, then I tasted it and it kind of tastes like a smoothie!

WATER! Oh my does this child love water and through a straw! THESE are her favorite ones! They are a great price and don’t spill!

Caroline drinks Earths Best Organic Formula, found HERE. She drinks six, 7 ounce bottles a day and maybe another 4 ounce bottle if she is super fussy or still hungry. She usually drinks a bottle about 30 min after wake up and right before her nap! We repeat that when she wakes up in the morning, her morning nap, afternoon nap, and bed time!


Honestly, the best toys right now is ANYTHING she can chew on. I’m going to share her TOP FIVE favorite toys!

Caroline loves these stacking cups! She carries(or drags) them around the house, also likes to put stuff in them, and even chews on them!

This toy has consumed Caroline for hours! Before she was standing she would just play with the front. Now she stands with it and plays! The phone comes off and she is able to chew on it, shocker! HAHA
This toy is so fun and perfect for those kiddos who are trying to crawl or just starting too! Caroline loves to chase this around the house! It rolls all over, even on our carpet!
Oh my! These are technically bath toys but Caroline plays with them everywhere! We still have a few for the bath but she loves to play with them outside the bath too! I did clean them once opening because she loves to bite on them!
Ok, this doesn’t look exciting, but the strawberries vibrate with pressure! So, when Caroline goes to chew on it, it vibrates! She loves it! It comes in other variations too, this one just seems to be the easiest to hold and her favorite!

I will do another huge update when she turns ONE in just a few months! My ultimate favorite baby items and must haves! After being a Mom for the first year, I feel like there is definitely things I would buy again or never even acknowledge! Happy “monday” after a 3-day weekend!