Go-To Outfit


You know those outfits that you feel like you could wear everyday!? Well… for me, this is my outfit! SoCal had a weird weather day today. When I went out this morning to do a little shopping I wanted to wear this t-shirt! But, by the time I got to the shop it was raining (Insert hand over face emoji!) I loved that I could just throw on a sweatshirt over my t-shirt and still feel cute with my platform sneakers and joggers!!

If you haven’t bought these sneakers, you need too! I’am absolutely obsessed with them! I keep putting the black ones in my cart but then taking them out because I talk myself into trying a different pair of platform sneakers… but I haven’t decided which ones I want to try next!

Happy Weekend Everyone! My cousin from India just came back to open his Indian restaurant and this week is MY BIRTHDAY! I can’t believe it!