My Two MUST HAVE Beauty Products!



I don’t write beauty posts too much because I have to LOVE a product before I tell you guys to get it! I have found two products that I have started using and I will actually go back downstairs or to my car of wherever these products are to use them! That might sound lazy, but when you have five minutes to do your make-up you have to make every second count!

The first is this “Flawless Filter” it really does make your skin look amazing! I put it on my cheekbones, nose, and a bit of my chin! I swear it gives you the perfect glow. I have always had trouble contouring but I feel with this product it is SO much easier! My skin actually looks better because I don’t think I’m having to use as much foundation as I normally do. It also feels really good on your skin! I wear Light/Medium shade #3!

The second is this MASCARA PRIMER. I know I have told you guys this before but IT IS SO GOOD! I have gotten my entire family using it and it dramatically changes your eyelashes! I got eyelash extensions last December. The place I went wasn’t my favorite and I really feel like I lost a ton of my lashes because of it! After using this primer, I feel like my eyelashes are coming back!

If you buy anything this week, it should be these two products!