Grain Free Pumpkin Coffee Cake!!

Oh my gosh, guys! So, over two weeks ago I took grains out of my diet and I was shocked that I have actually been able to not eat pasta for that long! LOL The one thing I have really been missing, other than Chick Fil A has been cake! So, to Pinterest I went!

I found the best recipe from Jessica DeMay at Jays Baking Me Crazy! I will provide the link to the exact recipe below! I was hesitant at first because usually when I use coconut flour AND coconut sugar it tastes like coconut and I don’t really like coconut so I never end up eating it! My other problem with grain free cakes has been the consistency of the “cake” itself. It seems really mushy or gooey in the inside instead of tasting like cake!

This recipe was really easy to make! Again, usually these recipes have a ton of steps and are super annoying to make… just to be honest! This recipe was easy and didn’t require a ton of clean-up either! Woo hoo!

Next time, I won’t crumble my topping as much! I made the topping into too small of pieces so I feel like it didn’t stick together like it normally would!

Click on the recipe below to make it for yourself and your family! It is the perfect treat for fall!