Spring Flings

Oh my gosh, I’am loving our weather in SoCal! This week is going to be in the 80’s. I’m SO loving it! I’m ready for spring and summer!

I came up with my FAVORITE pieces of this season because I wanted to give all of you a little head start! A lot of these items will sell out and I’m telling you from experience that when they do, its sad!


 Finding a top that is easy to wear and fun is hard! I love that I can wear this tucked into some jeans

with a pair of sneakers or wear it with heels! Great piece to have and such a great price!




These are such a classic! I’am literally obsessed with my Gucci sunglasses. I can wear them to the gym, out during the day, where ever

and they look and FEEL so nice! I hate when sunglasses are too tight where you get a headache. These are my staple in my wardrobe year around!




This is the lip gloss that I take around everywhere! I have a billion of them in every part of my life! LOL

I have one in my car, office, bathroom, and just about every handbag I own. I love wearing it because it gives me some color,

but not dramatic so it goes with every outfit!



iconThis is my FAVORITE sports bra ever!!! I actually wear it with my off the shoulder tops or sweaters as well.

Its very comfortable, but it also gives me great coverage for my 80 Day Obsession workouts!



A good pair of white leggings, are going to be my staple for spring and summer!

I absolutely LOVE them! I love my Alo leggings and these will definitely be my next pair!




I have this dress in a few different colors and this color is my favorite! I have worn it

with my white sneakers and with heels!icon I wear a size small and it fits super well,

but the more weight I have lost the bigger it is. So I may need to go to XS!



iconThese are SO fun! I love this blush color, I have worn them with my white tops AND my blue ones.

They are not heavy and surprisingly comfortable!




This top is SO cute with a pair of white jeans! Its very comfortable and doesn’t come up on my shoulders!



iconThis belt is ALWAYS sold out! Right now, there are actually some sizes, so you should snag them ASAP! I also have this belt in white

and black and use them both all the time! Regarding size, I wear a size 4 and can wear 85 cm, 90 cm, and 95 cm.

I have added some holes in them before so that they are more versatile for my style!




LOVE LOVE LOVE! These are perfect for spring and summer! I have rolled the bottom of mine up so they are cuffed and wore them with

flats, and I have also worn them with heels and a cute blouse!




Cute AND comfortable! I just love these and the color is perfect for Spring. I think because of the ankle strap

this shoe has more stability than some of my other sandals. I literally can wear these all day and they don’t hurt my feet at all!



icon These wedges are AMAZING! They come in four colors, the brown, white, black and grey color!

I actually sized up in these because the shoe seemed a little tight and I’m so glad that I did!



iconThis color and the size of this bag is perfect for a spring/summer night out! I really love this bag and the mobility of it!

I can take it anywhere and it looks great! Sneakers and jeans or a cocktail dress!



iconThis may be the last item, but its only because these are one of my favorite shoes of all time! I have a pair from 6 years ago

and I still wear them every Spring-Fall! These are investments, but well worth it if you take care of them!


OK, that might have been a lot! But, just had to share with all of you my favorites before they all sell out! Hope all of you had a great Monday!!