Welcome to the Next Decade!

I have been off for one month! Life, it totally got in my way! I had a crazy few weeks and also some amazing moments! I have always loved Christmas, but experiencing it with Caroline is a whole other feeling! I want to share about my motto this year and why I’m hoping to continue to live by it every year, but it still needs a bit of work!

So, for today… I share this amazing bomber jacket! My Mother in Law gave me this for Christmas and I love it SO much. It is comfortable and the inside is lined and so yummy! I feel like I can wear it with everything. I have worn it with leggings and a long tunic, jeans and a t-shirt, and today black jeans with a sweater! It also comes in blush which is equally as beautiful for spring!

I had to also mention, these jeans. They are on sale today for 40% off and they are wonderful! They are actually called Ab-Solution jeans because they make you feel skinny! They also come in petite which is so nice for us short girls. If you need a pair of black denim- these are it. They are under $50 and I wear them all the time!

My first OOTD post of 2020. One of my favorites and must worn