Birthday Girl Gift Guide!

I have been getting a bunch of DM’s from all of you of gift ideas for people! Some people have asked for gifts under $75 and some under $200! So, I decided to get my favorite pieces together and give you the best gift guide!


Gift Guide


First up, these Ultracor Leggings I had to try these when I saw Kelly Ripa wear them last year at a Soul Cycle class before the oscars! I didn’t end up getting them until a couple of months ago and I LOVE them! They are a big splurge in the activewear world though, so thats why they are on a gift guide! It is something I don’t feel like we would buy for ourselves!



Lipgloss, lipgloss, lipgloss! This is always a great go-to gift! I really love Chanel LIPGLOSS ! Chanel re did their gloss about a year ago and the brush they now have on the wand is amazing! Their gloss isn’t sticky and lasts a pretty long time! I love this color, I think its great for spring and summer time!



Honestly, nothing is better than getting a good candle! Fun fact, Phillip bought me this HUGE VERSION of this candle for our candle ceremony at our wedding. I’m 99% sure the florist mistakenly took it when they got their arch down and when I called them they said they didn’t have it… so I’m pretty sure they kept it because its beautiful and I LOVE the smell! The whole point of buying the big version is so we could light it at our future home for any special occasion, honestly it still makes me sad when I think about it! BUT, this REGULAR SIZE makes a great gift. Its special to get a nice candle for a special occasion!



These MAKE-UP BRUSHES make such a great gift! These were actually on my birthday list because I love these brushes and I always prefer a travel size compared to the normal size brushes because they are easier to use for me. The way NM packages these makes it a perfect gift too.



OK, THESE WEDGES are seriously my FAVORITE this season. I don’t own these yet, because they are on my birthday wish list!  I actually tried these on at the store and the color and height are perfect! They will look amazing with so many outfits and they are under $100!



iconThis is the item that you go in with a bunch of your girlfriends or get for your wife on a special birthday. I have the Gucci Small Camera bag which is more of a everyday bag, but I love the simplicity of this one. This comes in four different colors, including white which I think is my favorite! The beige color is also great, it almost looks like a very very soft blush color compared to tan! This bag isn’t a big one, its truly a special occasion bag. It is perfect for a night out or a day that you don’t need to carry as much stuff.



After trying these on at the store, these SNEAKERS went straight to the top of my wish list. These are insanely comfortable and will look cute with jeans, casual dress, or to run errands! When I tried these on at the store they fit TTS!



I have a bad obsession for socks. I love socks. When I workout in the morning, nothing makes me happier than having matching socks that are nice! THESE are the perfect set! Great colors for spring and such a great gift for $20!



This is my #1 favorite hair product. My mom and I both love ours. The best thing about this curling iron is how the top detaches. So you have to have the two pieces to start, the BASE and then the actual curling iron! I have this WAND and I literally use it every single day. But, recently I have had THIS one on my wish list because it gives you a totally different curl!icon If you know someone who has a t3 wand then you can search for SO many different toppers HERE all of the curling wands itself will fit a base so you could choose whatever your favorite is!


I hope this helps you with either you’re future bday gift guide or someone close to you!

Have a great weekend, friends!