WEEK 6:icon

This week started off great! I was so excited about my first re-feed day and being able to have a burger! But, I ended up not having a good week at all! During my workout on Wednesday I tweaked something in my back and for the first time in this entire program, I had to end my workout early. I’m positive I was more upset about not finishing my workout than my back. After eating a burger on white bread on my re-feed day, I felt gross all day! I had no idea I would feel like this on re-feed day. I ate burgers probably once a week before this program started, including chick fil-a and in-n-out. But, ALL day I felt low energy!

My workout went great on Thursday with no back pain, but Friday is a different story. My back pain started early on during Fridays workout and I had to again end my workout early. I felt SO defeated all day and my hubby and mom could tell! So, that night we watched a movie and ate wheat crust mexican pizza! It is really good. Wheat crust, avocado, cilantro, and lime chicken with just a little bit of cheese! YUM- I could eat it right now! haha Saturdays workout went great and I took Sunday to rest.

Sushi on my re-feed day!



The second week of Phase 2 has been “easier” than Week one. “Easier” meaning I knew the moves, the motions weren’t as complicated in my mind since this was the second time I had done it!

Zena is always sitting right next to me during these workouts! HA



The workouts for me were good and bad. Like I wrote about earlier, my body didn’t like how I did some of the movements from this week! But, the movements are fun and the hour goes by fast! I shuffle my music and press play. There wasn’t a new move or “aha” movements with my workouts this week! I was just happy to finish them!



OK, I feel like at some point I’m going to have to write that nothing changed, but NOT THIS WEEK! I have lost another 4.5 inches! My weight stayed the same, but I’am now down 27.5 inches- 10.5 of those are from my hips! How could my hips be that big where I could loose 10 inches and still feel like I need to trim up! HA


Honestly, when I go to write this I just want to write how bad this week was with my workouts and how awful I felt. But, when I look day to day there was only two workouts that I ended early out of SIX! This should still be a victory for me! Usually, I would hurt my back and be out all week and the more I get into this program the more I see that so many of my injuries are in my head. I still have injuries, my back flares up and sometimes I can’t put too much weight on my shoulder but these workouts and the nutrition is making me so much stronger than I knew I could be! I’am now able to take a day to rest instead of an entire week!

I’m so happy I did this before having kids! This is going to be a great program for post baby. There are so many women who are in this group and just had babies! I know that is a side note, but I’m excited already! hah



I’m glad Week 6 is OVER! Week 7 has been going much better! It is also my birthday week! WOO HOO! I’m announcing a GIVEAWAY today on my Instagram!

Love to all!