Must Have Fall Make-Up

Happy Tuesday! Doesn’t it feel like this week is going soo slow! I wish it was Thursday or Friday! Hahah I also woke up sick yesterday and thought it would go away, but nope- today is worse! Good news, we are officially into WEEK 30 of this pregnancy! I can’t believe it! 7-10 weeks left until we meet this little girl!

I wanted to share my fall favorites because most of the items are on sale today!!

1.K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick it is called “Kissing” lipstick but it stays on for such a long time!!! It is literally my go-to! The one lipstick I always carry in my purse because it seems to go with everything!

2.Eyeliner I have used this eyeliner for years, like literally since high school! I always try to find a different one and this one just works the best! It doesn’t bleed or get too thick, works on my upper eye and my lower eye- it is a must!

3.Mascara Primer I actually just got this a couple of weeks ago and OMG it is SO SO good!! I have been looking for mascaras that help my eyelashes so that they can look good when baby girl gets here!

4.Big Mascara OBSESSED with this mascara!! Whenever Nordstrom has their mascara event, I buy 3 of them so I get one for free! I use this everyday and the best part is that it washes off with my makeup at the end of the night. The last mascara I used would get clumpy when I washed my face so when I would try to get the mascara off it would take an eyelash with it!

5.Eyeshadow Stick I don’t always have a lot of time in the morning, which is why I love quick eyes! These sticks are seriously the best for that! I have used multiple colors to give a different effect or even just applied the color on my entire eyelid with some eyeliner and mascara! Quick, simple, and looks good!

6.The BEST Foundation This foundation is definitely a splurge, but it lasts a long time and looks good all day! I wear anywhere between shade 6 and 9 depending on the time of year! Right now, I’m at an 8 and I’m sure by the end of winter with this baby I will be back at a 6.

Other Favorites On Sale!

Too Faced Palette -This palette is too good! You could literally just use this for the rest of fall/winter and with the mascara combo, its perfect!
Naked Basics Palette – I have had this for awhile and its the one thing I always travel with in my makeup bag. It is small so it doesn’t take up too much room and you can use it day to night depending on how much you use!
The BEST loose powder– Ok, this lasts forever and its literally the best highlighter powder! I put it under my eyes everyday and I love how it looks! My grandma also uses this so its for all skin types and ages!
t3 Curling Wand– The BEST. Literally. I don’t know what I would do without mine! It’s a splurge, but since its 15% off it makes it a little bit better!