Ok, one of my favorite times of the year is approaching…


I’m sharing this post for all of you who are more “nordstrom newbies!”

When does is start?

  • July 12 for Nordstrom Card members only!
  • The sale starts on July 20 to EVERYONE!

What is on the sale?

  • For those of you who have never shopped this sale, I want to share a background. Every year Nordstrom has this sale in July. It includes almost every brand sold in their store (well at least my favorites!) Everything that is on sale will GO BACK UP in price once the sale ends on August 5! All of the items are for the fall season! These aren’t pieces from the summer or clearance out of season sale! This is fall/winter clothes! It is also a time to buy a few trendy pieces that you wouldn’t normally buy! I always try to find something fun, last year was velvet! I wouldn’t normally buy velvet pieces, but since the item was 40% and the season hadn’t even started yet I knew I would get goof use out of it!


  • JEANS: This year may be different because I can’t fit into non-maternity jeans but my Mom and I always buy at least one pair of jeans! They always have a few classic pairs that are 40% off!
  • UNDERWEAR: Oh my, they always put my favorite underwear and bras on sale! I think my bras go down to $11! I know, crazy!
  • PAJAMAS: I love Nordstrom brand PJ’s! I usually always get a couple of pairs, but this year I will be buying some for after the hospital! They are so soft and really reasonable!
  • BOOTS: Did I mention before, 40% off!? I’m not joking, I know so many of my friends who will pass the sale and then two months later buy boots that were on the sale for FULL PRICE! Stock up on these guys! Boots are an investment that we normally have for a few years!
  • SUNGLASSES: Gucci, Tom Ford, Tory Burch, Kate Spade are just a few brands that they always have on the N Sale! I always buy one pair of sunglasses! I wore the Tom Ford ones I bought in 2013 to Maui last week!
  • CHRISTMAS GIFTS: I usually always find at least 50% of my Christmas shopping on the anniversary sale! So many things that are your favorite items, will go on sale! Snag them!
  • MAKE-UP: The best palette and gift sets are set up for this sale! I already have my eyes on this Charlotte Tilbury one! You will see a lot of the trends for make-up on this sale, since its everything for fall!
  • HOME: Towels, candles, art work! I have bought all of these during the N SALE! This year I know I will buy some towels for our house! They are SUPER nice and get marked to a great price!
  • KIDS CLOTHES: This kind of falls with Christmas presents, but I always find my nephew his tennis shoes that I feel like we get him every year and I like to get a nice winter outfit for my “baby” nephew and niece. This year I will probably be more selfish and buy too much stuff for our baby girl! I’m most excited about this, not going to lie!
  • HUBBY: Usually, Phillip finds one Ferragamo item and buys it! He has shoes he bought from this sale six years ago, and wears them almost weekly! Nordstrom always has dress shirts, suits, belts, under t-shirts… almost everything you need for great prices!


Ok, that might of been a lot of information! I will make sure and post my shopping guide on Thursday Morning for all of you Nordstrom card holders!



Have fun looking through the catalog! It is always just a sneak peak… they have thousands of items that go on sale for this!

It is going to be SO FUN!

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