I can’t believe I have finished Week FIVE and on my second day of week six! Have I told you already that this program has been life changing for me!? I haven’t worked out 6 days a week for five straight weeks since I was a swimmer… which was 7 years ago! I arrived back in Los Angeles on Monday morning and was seriously SO exhausted! Monday was a struggle for me, my nutrition was on point but I’m not sure about the whole timed part! But, I got through the day and finished my workout!


After Mondays workout… I’m not joking, it felt like I was dying! LOL


At the end of each Phase you have to recalculate your calorie bracket. For the first Phase I was in Plan A, but this second time around I calculated into Plan B. Most of our challenge group actually went up one or two brackets! It doesn’t mean you didn’t loose enough weight or work hard enough. It means you are working so hard that your body needs an extra carb and extra fruit throughout your day! I WAS EXCITED about this!! HAHA I was feeling very hungry in my last week of the first phase and felt like my body needed more food!




Phase two is NO joke! The first few days were really rough for me! The workout movements we basically combined movements from Phase one and when you put two different moves together, your body responds! I was sore this week! Leg day was the hardest to me because it involved coordination. I don’t have much of that, (just being really) so it was difficult! I’m sure this week it will be a bit easier to get the movements down! My FAVORITE day was cardio flow on Saturdays! OMG! I loved this workout! I seriously felt SO amazing even during the workout! I did my first mule (picture below) and that was such a big deal to me that I almost cried!

**Side story. After having shoulder surgery a few years ago I really “babied” my shoulder. Between having a spinal fusion and my shoulder not being fantastic it was always hard to push myself and do movements that involved heavily on my back or shoulder them! I couldn’t believe after four weeks of trying to do this and then being about to do it on an incline instead of on the floor that I was able to do it! I can tell you that every week, this will be the exercise I look forward too! I can’t wait to see how my body will change!



DRUMROLL… I’M DOWN 3.5 MORE INCHES! As a whole I’m down 4.5 pounds (I did go up a pound, but I think it is due to my monthly present! ha) BUT, I’m down 23.5 inches! I’m super happy with this! My body and mind is the best that it has been in a long time!

This week I started drinking Beachbod Hydrate during my workouts and OMG- this is a game changer! My energy level during the workout is better than it has ever been! I couldn’t recommend this product more!


Can you say, VALENTINES DAY!? I woke up on Wednesday thinking about chocolate. Because, lets be honest… our marketing industry digs into your mind that you have to get chocolate for Valentines Day or it will basically suck. For years, I fell to that and I probably will again! BUT, not this year! I didn’t have one piece of chocolate, instead I made these Fixate Banana Apple Muffins! OMG- SO good! I seriously LOVED these. I felt like I was having a sweet treat without going off my diet!




I’m already onto Week two of Phase two and I get a Re-feed day tomorrow! I’m allowed to eat sushi AND a hamburger… Can you tell that I’m excited!? I will be posting all day long on my instagram! Don’t forget to go and follow me, @merchantgirlofficial