Whew! Week two is OVER! This program seriously amazes me everyday. I can see so many changes with my mind and food. Today, I’m on Day 17 more than half way through Phase 1.

My meals are going well. My parents left for India on Sunday so my timed nutrition kind of skewed that day, but I stayed on point for my nutrition even when my hubby ordered a pepperoni pizza!

I’m obsessed with Fixate Turkey Sloppy Joes. OMG. I literally eat them every single day for either my pre workout or post workout meal. I tried to not make them this week so that I wouldn’t get tired of them, but I can’t help it! I LOVE them so much! hahah


I think I touched on this a little bit last week, but I love food. Like, REALLY love food. It took about two weeks but I’m not looking to food- to control my day. Does that make sense? I would wake up in the morning and decide where I was going to go to lunch to pick up food- IN THE MORNING! Now, I’M controlling my day! My food is made and ready for me to eat anytime of the day! There was a couple days when it was “my time of the month” that I added an extra fruit in the morning because I was SO hungry and thats ok. It was much better than me having ice cream or a chocolate bar!


I really thought I would hate the workouts.

I was a competitive swimmer from age 5-18. I never had to worry about my diet because I burned so many calories everyday. That doesn’t mean I was eating out, my Mom actually made every single meal besides Fridays! So, I was eating pretty healthy but I always had either a pasta or potato dish at dinner! After I stopped swimming due to a shoulder injury I was very spotty with my workouts. I went off to college and my first semester gained about 10 more pounds, on top of the 20 pounds I had gained since my swimming stopped. That next semester I broke up with my high school boyfriend and became selfish with my health! I started swimming again and portioning out all of our meals. Between March-July I had lost 35 pounds and was feeling great! Then, I started dating my now husband and gained a few of those pounds back. I started to go to bootcamp with my parents, but only 3 days a week. I then followed my parents to 2 more different boot camp places but still only went 3 days a week and I looked and felt fine, but not great. So, I was SCARED when I signed up for this program that I would have to workout 6 days a week and each workout was about 60 minutes long!

BUT, honestly… I’m loving the workouts! Sunday is rest day and its actually my least favorite day. I love the supplements that came with my package. I have a Pre-Workout and Post Workout, Recover that I get to drink! I also drink Stance Pink Lemonade for my BCAA’s, I will probably purchase the beach body one once I finish this one! The pre-workout and recover are both so good and I FEEL GOOD!


I LOST ONE MORE POUND! OK, this may not seem like a lot to you. But, when I weighed in I was on my period. I know I carry a few more pounds during that time so there is a part of me that hopes I will loose a few more pounds this week! BUT, I have lost THREE inches; two in my hips and 1/2 in each arm. I was SO happy about this! If I lost inches every week and only one pound- I would be happy! Its really NOT about the weight on the scale.


OMG can you say CAKE!? It was Phillips birthday this last week and I can’t tell you how many cakes he had and pies! I didn’t have even one piece! I made my own food when everyone came over to have dinner for his birthday this last weekend, and I didn’t “cheat!” I stayed true to this program and the nutrition plan and after I said no to the cake and the twice baked potatoes I was OK! I survived! LOL this may sound so weird to some of you but again I love food and I love cake even more! Saying no to that for me is a huge VICTORY!


As one of my food groups I can have some type of a healthy fat. Lately, I have been wanting nuts. I can have 12 almonds or 20 pistachios. Now, just off the number I can have I reach for the pistachios. Pistachios also take longer to eat because you have to work a bit to open a pistachio. So, thats my tip! Portion out pistachios in the shell in snack size baggies and have them on hand for when you’re hungry! You would be amazed how filling it is!


I really can’t wait to weigh in on Sunday and tell you my progress next week! I have a shoot on Friday with the best photographer ever(she shot our wedding) and I’m SO SO excited for it!!

Have a great Wednesday night!